found a cool how-to for a gamedev env…


here and figured might as well throw a link here! 🙂 And a couple of notes, while I’m at it:

Even thought the author of the post calls it a game engine, I’d rather call it more a development environment than a full blown game engine, although neither is wrong.

Still, it doesn’t exactly come with an integrated front-end/editor, you know. But as the set-up uses OGRE for the renderer, you can probably use ogitor for the editor any-way’s so not at all bad. 🙂

Also even though he just shows you what you need to build and install on linux, all of those library’s should be very much compilable cross/multi-platform, so thats cool too!

Be aware though, if your interested in developing commercial games, that a couple of the library’s are virally licensed so you may wish to steer off of those.

Namely they’re the following:

Open-AL(-soft) only really needed on linux though, win and osx  should support creative’s non-LGPL’ed version if not even already bundle it, and even on linux the viral danger of the lgpl can be ‘worked around’ as I gather(source) via the use of CAudio(1.7.1+) wrapper…

and the other ones that I don’t really know much about are the FANN lib for AI and the HawkNL for networking, both of which are LGPL as well.

If you wish  to look for alternative library’s to use, I suggest starting by looking at this useful list here.

Anyway’s I found it a good & useful post and definitely enjoyed it very much, so I hope you might just do so too. 🙂



And here‘s a guide for building the bullet physics engine via MinGW under Windows by the same author, cool beans!


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